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Let Us Tell You About Some Of Our Achievements

Since 2009, Changes for New Hope had started with a mere fifteen curious faces in a small adobe room, to develop our project into a well known Peruvian NGO that has captured the attention of thousands here in country as well as in the international community. Over 5000 children have been reached by the efforts of our founder and president, Jim Killon and his flow of volunteers throughout the past nine years. 


 Among our many achievements that we are most proud of, here are just some highlights;

* Providing a source for value based living with our "Do the Right Thing" initiatives.

* Developing self esteem by way of art projects and exhibitions

* Fighting the ever present issues of anemia and malnutrition with vitamin programs and anti-parasite medicines. 

* A city wide, Mayor of Huaraz sponsored, "Do the Right Thing" campaign

* Two successful chess tournaments

* Eight art/photo exhibitions, (5 were in national museums)

* Over eight tons of humanitarian materials and supplies distributed to the impoverished of Ancash region of Peru. School materials, clothing, shoes and vitamins/anti-parasite medicine.

* Anemia and malnutrition addressed with multiple vitamins and Albendazole.

* Eight self published books written on, Barnes and Noble, Amazon, Kobo books, and WalMart.

* Monthly article written for Living in Peru Magazine "Mr. Humanitarian" 

* Publisher and Editor in Chief of the monthly issues of Changes for New Hope Humanitarian Magazine which shares stories of humanitarian works of many altruistic people around the world.

* Life enhancement/personal power motivational speaking engagements.

* Provided hand crank eco-friendly laundry wash units to the indigenous families to enhance their lives

* Changes for New Hope was named NGO of the Month for May 2016 by Living in Peru Magazine

* Recipient of the David Chow Humanitarian Award 2017


* Jim Killon was honored by Global Goodwill Ambassadors orgainization 2019


* The Neuromat provided by Brain ABCs helps special needs children develop motor skills.  


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