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Our Secsecpampa Group

Families of Pampas Chico

Cotoparaco Kids

Flying a kite in Rio Seco

During an Italian documentary film in the Corderilla Negra

New clothes for the kids of Pueblo Libre

Soap, vitamins, albendazole and school supplies

for kids in Huashao

Taking care of her sister in Challhua

Legos building brain power

Kids at Shiqui 

Over 400 children receive materials and suport in Yanama

Doing a news program to talk about illegal mine activity In Huascaran

Art projcts build self esteem in the children

Radio Fuego program to raise awareness 

Typical laundry day in the Andes

Memory games enhancing education skills

Most of our projects are in remote areas where other NGOs and government help never quite reaches

Making a sweater you sheer a sheep, strand the wool and then knit it. 

Parachute fun in Recuay

To cook meals Andean women first need to gather wood from the mountainside

Children in Huambo. Their red cheeks are from high altitude sun conditions

Mejoraca children passing out fruit for everybody

Typical Quechua dress in the Andes and life in adobe houses

Massive vitamin campaign in Catac for 400 more children

Mother and child affected by the illegal mines poisoning the water in Vicos

Beach balls for the children of Conococha, a cold barren rocky place over 4000 meters above sea level.

Miles of rough road we finally got to remote Pampas Chico as the sun went down

Secsecpampa kids, our longest running group Eight amazing years 

Washing in grains in the glacier stream

Open fires boil water before it is safe to drink

These hand crank washer units launder clothes in 10 minutes as opposed to an hour in cold streams by hand. 

Women and children at Huambo receive vitamins for their health and well being

In Huaraz, passing out school supplies, socks, vitamins and sharing our Do the Right Thing message

A kindergarten in Cotoparaco receives vitamins for small children. 

Memory games at Secsecpampa.

Demonstrating the washer unit at Challhua

One of our eight art/photo exhibitions in the national museum at Huaraz

New shoes donated for the kids of Secsecpampa

Children of Pueblo Libre gather around to receive new clothes

A new toy to crawl through for the school at Compina

Making dinner

Children in remote Quinranac receive school materials, anti-parasite meds, warm clothes and shoes

Meeting the mothers at Huambo

Two more families receive washer units

Jim Killon speaks to an audience about life enhancement achieving goals and motivation at UNASAM the state university in Huaraz

Blood tests for anemia at Challhua

A woman compares the washer unit to hand washing in a stream

Yanama vitamin campaign

5 groups

400 children over 2 days

Challhua group. When I arrived in Peru I asked where the roughest and most needy kids were.

Everyone said, Challhua

Willax News Television interview exposing illegal mine activity in Huascaran National Park. The waste was contamining local water supplies poisoning families and animals. This interview sparked national attention and prompted the government to take appropriate action. 

This was a 2011 interview when our project was just getting off the ground. The vision became the reality! 

Self esteem class in Shiqui

New shoes at Challhua

Kids got better grades in school when we realized they only needed eyeglasses. Ticapampa Group

Planning meeting with the mayor of Yanama

Taking kids to the Russian Ice Circus

Meeting with the mayor of Catac during vitamin campaign

But getting to some of these locations can be a bit of a challenge ...this was on the way to Yanama

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