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Gratitude is a Powerful Force

  Of all the powers in the world, gratitude has got to be in the top five. For us here at Changes for New Hope, gratitude is a super power. Our project continues of an attitude of gratitude because as a charity, we have done everything that you have read about so far, on the compassion and generosity of those who cared about the children as we much as we do. Gratitude is our fuel to get us to the next pueblo, the next school, and the next day.
At the time of this writing, I am meeting with the owner of a shoe store who will be providing us with shoes for about thirty children that are now wearing recycled tire pieces for shoes. The money has been donated by those who want to see those children in new shoes. We follow a path of gratitude for such gifts. We teach our children that when we wake up, our feet hit the floor, and we say, "Thank you!" Perhaps we do not know what to be immediately grateful for yet, but by setting our minds in a state of gratitiude, our R.A.S (reticuating Activated System) in our brains automatically starts searching for reasons to justify that first thought and we begin seeing many reasons to be thankful. It is actually based in science. Thoughts become things. We begin to create the environment that we want to live in and then step right into it.  
 You might think that the children living in extreme conditions would be in a state on continuous sadness and despair, and when we first encounted them, they were. Once we ignited hope, a belief in good things to come, an expectation of great things that were going to transpire in their lives and to be grateful for them in advance, great things started happening. The adobe houses are still called home. Dirt floors are common as are latrines outside for bathrooms and sporatic electricity and water. We help them to be grateful for their education that will lift them out of this life situation one day. They are grateful that they have a roof, albeit corrugated aluminum and very simple lifestyles. They know that whatever they have to eat is better than some. They know that gratitude is the solution to any problem. They seek out solutions instead of complaining about their current situations. Our stories that you will read on this website shares the life they have here in Peru but we share the victories and accomplishments as well, over the maladies, the destitution and the despair that was once their life entirely. Gratitude got us  here from where they were. 
We are particularly grateful for the supporters of this project Changes for New Hope that has enabled us to provide shoes and warm clothing to these children. Vitamin A supplements, multiple vitamns, anti-parasite medicine that has eradicated intestinal worms and had caused stunted growth, anemia, learning disabilities and vision issues, just to name a few. Over eight tons of humanitarian supplies have been distributed to the children, given to us by generous people over the years. However, we were grateful before we saw the first box or dollar. We sought out groups of children and then reached out to potential sponsors around the world and though many said no or even ignored us, we were anticipating help. Gratitude is why we never gave up. Like hearts of love were joined. 
I recall a friend who was a trash collector who told me after Christmas each year he loaded nearly new toys, games, electronics and clothes onto the truck, discarded by families who just got a new one. I think about how much food is wasted from tables that children refuse to eat because it wasn't quite to their liking. I consider how many people work themselves into an early grave to acquire bigger, better, newer and fancier things because their family is not satisfied with last year's model. An attitude of gratitude would save millions of dollars, years of happiness would be realized and doctor's offices would not be a monthly routine. Gratitude for what we have, appreciation for what comes to us and what we strive for and obtain.  
We live in abundance whether that is our current station in life or our anticipated hope and we are grateful for the vision and goal we set ahead of us. It is how we have reached over 5000 children over the last eight years. It is how we will reach hundreds more this year. "Having it all" is a recipe in failure, no one "has it all" and those striving for it will never be happy. We are grateful for where we are right now and when more comes to us, we will be grateful for that too. Attitude is everything. Gratitude is our solutions, our medicines, our foundations, our goals, and the victory that comes to those who understand the deeper meanings of life itself. 
Be grateful. Be a hero with us. 
Live large, my friends live deliberately.   
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