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I Love Me! That is Why I Can Love YOU!

I love me. I absolutely LOVE myself. I consider myself amazing, handsome, intelligent, creative, compassionate, successful, wonderful, humorous, honest, passionate and what the hell, a great dancer too. I believe there are no obstacles that can stop me. Even the obstacles that deter me temporarily. I know I am great enough to find a way around, over, through them to embrace my vision into reality. I have a deep self assurance that what I am reaching out for is also reaching back to embrace me with equally deep passion. Conceited? Stuck on myself? Arrogant? Self Deluded? Nope, not even a litle bit. I do not believe any more about myself than what I already believe about you. Consider what people think about themselves and say about themselves everyday. I am ugly, dumb, I have no talent, I am worthless, I am not as good as them, weak, without resources or opportunities, uneducated and I can’t dance. They hear the words fired at them by defeatist parents, sadistic bosses, bitter significant others, apathetic co-workers and classmates accepting their familiarity as an authoritative source . What would YOU rather think of yourself? Self defeating, self abusive and demoralizing thoughts that become true because you spoke it into action? It is just as easy to say the words that are empowering, self embracing, self loving and passionate. You can also speak these words into reality too. It is like you have been given a blank check to write any amount you desire on the line. Some may write enough to cover lunch. Some would write it for millions, some would throw it away believing it is too good to be true. Your mornings are your blank check. Write what you want on it every day. Greatness? Passion? Love for everyone around you? Personal success? Gratitude? Self Love! I love those around me. Even those that are not “just like me.” I have compassion for those who won’t love themselves. I can love those I see because I LOVE me first. How can you feel compassion and love for others if you have none for yourself? Turtles can not teach eagles how to fly. Only other eagles can do that. If you lack self love, and I mean passionate self love, complete, forgiving of your shortcomings, you are good enough for any challenge, self love, then that is your first task. You can not fill up the lives of those around you if you are sitting on empty can you? Be grateful every morning. Get up and move around, break old routines that no longer serve you well. Decide to feel great and be great. Let those brain chemicals flow throughout your body, endorphins, dopamine and serotonin. This is your life, the only one that you will ever have. Contrary to what others may say, you were not born to suffer, endure hardships, wait for some deliverance to pull you out. Make your own way. Be courageous, scream into the day with a sense of “I CAN and I WILL!” Love yourself so that a loving environment can develop all around you. Whatever your past was, today is different, it is better and a better you is emerging. I love you.

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