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Solutions..... Legos!

Legos. We all grew up playing with hundreds of colorful interlocking blocks which kept us busy for hours. As it turns out, there are many cerebral benefits to develop children in their early years also. Here are just a few of the reasons why kids and Legos are a great partnership. * Creativity Enhanced- Legos allows limitless possibilities without a right or wrong way to do it. The sky is the limit for their inventiveness. * Self Esteem building- When children create something with their hands and see their finished product, their self esteem is boosted, the feel they can reach out to new possibilities, using Legos or in actual life situations. * Motor Skills are Developed- Eye hand motor skills by putting the blocks together, in patterns, coordinating colors and arranging shapes wires a child's brain in new ways, * Legos develop problem solving skills- Following instructions to assemble Lego also has a lot of benefits for children’s problem solving, focus and attention to detail. Ideas of symmetry, balance, shapes and sizes are explored during play with Lego. * Legos develop lateral thinking and planning skills- Following a set pattern on a layout, they may have to go back and correct mistakes, figure out what goes where and fill in the blanks to get the result they want. * Lego Building Develops Persistence- When a tower falls, children find new ways to make it better the next time, and the time after that. Improvement each time builds the much needed persistence that will be valuable in real life later. Legos can be a great mind building and fun way to enhance early childhood development inexpensively. I love solutions and Legos has been one of our favorites.

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