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   "If you want to see the impossible accomplished,

attempt the impossible." 

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Do the Right Thing

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We are looking forward to reaching hundreds more children each year who are tucked away in the outbacks of the Peruvian Andes where other NGOs and government agencies have yet to visit.  We share our core value, "Do the Right Thing" to encourage positive changes and share opportunities.

We have a powerful "WHY" that gets us out of bed every morning...

 the "whats" and "hows" seem to unfold before us.


Children that are afforded an education, especially girls, are more productive and beneficial in their communities, are less likely to fall into criminal activity, have fewer unwanted pregnancies and are better prepared to escape the perils of impoverishment and destitution. It has been proven that small NGOs dotted around the world, such as ours, are the first influence to an effective defense against terrorism, disease and global instability  

​We Love Solutions!

A Word About the 2020 Coronavirus Pandemic

Currently the world is struggling with the pandemic that has affected literally billions of people whether by the virus itself, or the burden that the necessary precautions have created, such as quarantines, lockdowns, curfews, business closures and layoffs. Uncertainty and fear about what the future will bring seems to be on everyone's mind. I would like to share a message of support, calm and hope to you at this tme. I believe that quarantines, social distancing, wearing masks and the stay-at-home mandates will prevent a bad situation from becoming even worse. Every previous pandemic had eventually passed and soon, this one will too. However, we need to understand that we will emerge into a new world, a new way of living after this passes. Health is the new wealth, compassion is the new currency. Money and possessions mean nothing if you are sick. I hope the new reality, that this crisis makes necessary, becomes our evolution into a better world where people will plan and be better prepared for the next crisis that we may need to handle. I hope that the Me-First Me-Only attitude, so many have embraced, will be seen as repulsive and a caring, compassionate human family can emerge. As we get past this pandemic, it is going to be necessary that those who are affluent, living in abundance, share with those who were devastated by this and help those where  you can. Changes for New Hope will continue here in Peru to do everything we can to help the families, previously destitute, to get back on their feet as well. It is a matter of survival. We are observing the restrictions mandated by the Peruvian government and while our project may not return to groups of children anytime soon, if ever, we have plans to continue in a virtual way with videos, e-magazine issues and podcasts. We must learn to adapt to the New Normal. Remember, it is the suppleness of a sapling that helps it to endure a storm while the might immovable oak snaps in the wind. Our goals will be realized but in new and innovative ways. Join us as we continue our vital mission.

The human spirit is a powerful and dynamic force and with your awareness, compassion and action, it will still be a beautiful world. 

Building Self Esteem

         Art Projects                      and public exhibitions

Personal Development

Mindfulness, Meditation and Motivation

    Fighting Anemia and Malnutrition

Vitamin program and

Anti-parasite medicine

A Bit of Background

Changes for New Hope
at a glance

Changes for New Hope was created by Jim Killon, an American born humanitarian, author and artist, in 2009. Why this project was created is a powerful story. After visiting Latin American countries and seeing the destitution of the children and their vulnerability, Jim realized that there were too few organizations or people doing anything about it. He believed that every child deserves an education, to be healthy and grow up with opportunities to develop their own dreams. With his own life savings and personal effort, he created this project in the Peruvian Andes. His vision was to enhance the lives and opportunities for children living in destitution and extreme conditions. Over 6000 disadvantaged children have been reached since that time. Value based goal oriented living, self esteem building and health concerns such as anemia are among the many issues that are being addressed today.

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Bringing compassionate people around the world together

Changes for New Hope Humanitarian Magazine


The Changes for New Hope Humanitarian Magazine was created in 2017 to extend the work of Changes for New Hope from just Peru's Andean children to embrace other NGO leaders and the humanitarian projects that they selflessly pursue. Through our monthly magazine, we partner with other leaders collectively sharing ideas, solutions and concerns. Each month we add a new "Feel Good" self development article, solutions to challenges facing those in the field, thought provoking articles, intriguing photos and project developments from around the world. This is a magazine that you do not just read but feel and become part of. 

 See all issues at Issuu.com the free online library    


Changes for New Hope

Huaraz, Peru


051 995 292 695

We would love to hear from you. Comments, questions, suggestions and ideas are all appreciated.

Nice ones especially.

 When we look at a statue of someone great, we think they’ve got something we don’t.  We are trained to think that only a tiny percentage of us will cure any diseases or slay any dragons, but every single one of us, every-single-one-of-us, is called to be a hero in our ordinary lives. We don’t build statues to worship the exceptional life, we build them to remind ourselves what is possible in our own.  ~~ Dr. Chris Stout, humanitarian


The Recipients of the 2019 Jim Killon Humanitarian Award.

(Legacy building not ego) These four individuals have been instrumental in their selfless efforts to reach the disadvantaged of the world. Collectively they have touched the lives of many thouands. These winners are Mr. Jim Paradiso,  Ms. Kristin Van Busum,  Ms. Elaine Poggi and Mr. Julian Lennon

                                                                  Hugs from Peru

Send a post card..

Show your love 

By sending a post card with a simple message of hope and encouragement, kids are motivated to reach for a better life in school, in their community and in their hearts. Send to;
James Killon
c/o Serpost
Huaraz Peru

Partner with Us
We can all be heroes

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We used to ask for your financial support. This NGO had asked for support for the thousands of children that need our help. Asking former volunteers, numerous visitors to our project, companies and institutions, uber-millionaires that boast of being in the 1%, and pretty much anybody who looked in our general direction. Too much time was spent trying to raise funds to do what needed to be done. The chirping of crickets got loud. Just a handful of compassionate individuals responded. Some forgot all about us. Compassion long term apparently is a challenge.


100% of our time is now focused on the children that need us. We decided to become self-supporting. This is why you won't find a donate button on this website. Instead of requesting a donation we ask that you purchase one of our books that Jim Killon has written to enhance your life. Personal development, love and compassion, becoming limitless in life and encouragement to become your very best. Win-Win for everybody.

100% of the royalties of these books goes to the direct benefit of the children that we serve.                                       

                                        Great idea isn't it? 

October 2019- Changes for New Hope celebrates our 10th year since             We Planted our  Flag here in the Peruvian Andes.

6000 children have been reached with our humanitarian aid. Over nine tons of clothing, shoes, school supplies recreational materials as well as anemia fighting vitamins and anti-parasite medicine. Our self esteem builidng initiative continues everywhere we go and "Do The Right Thing" is our battle cry.

It wasn't always easy but it was always exciting and worthwhile.

Se Chevere ...Se Honesto

Be Cool... Be Honest

As part of a social experiment here in Huaraz, I took a page out of Malcolm Gladwell's "Tipping Point". How do you alter the thinking of a community and create a new positive mentality in a passive, even subliminal way? According to Gladwell, first a message has to be created that is "sticky" meaning it has to be catchy and be able to be remembered easily. Secondly, it has to be seen everywhere, ubiquitously. Thirdly, it needs to be quoted and endorsed by someone who is a known quality among the people. 

I decided on a simple message "Be Cool ..Be Honest"  which has been a concern of business owners and people on the streets alike. Theives, pickpockets, robbers and general dishonesty of people at work, in universities and within the government all needed to hear the message. This simple message was created on posters with our little caricature to draw attention to it. Our project name and logo was included at the bottom. Hundreds of posters went up on street corners, walls and lamp posts at eye level. Business owners asked for one for their shops as well. There was a buzz around town about it. Curiously, it did not ask for a contribution, did not advertise an event but simply shared a message, Be Cool, Be Honest. The subliminal idea was to connect the idea that honest people are cool, which resonates among younger folks. Like Reebok's "Be More Human" campaign or Nike's "Just Do It" slogan, we believe that a message seen everywhere will begin to move people to become better within their communities. It nudges patrons in stores to do the right thing. No guilt, no condemnation, just a "sticky" message to encourage better behavior. We plan on new posters with similar messages and we hope that the result will be equally effective and appreciated. 


Silver Linings

Words of encouragement, love and being limitless

March  2018

We all want a life that is fulfilling, prosperous and built on a sense of loving purpose. This new book is offered to you as a tool to read and go back to any time that you need a booster rocket in your life. The motivation and encouragement that this book shares is an antithesis to the struggles and disappointments which has become solid victories because winners don't quit. Let these foresights become your hindsight as you plow ahead toward your own life victories and success. Enjoy! 

                                   October 2019

When "Bad" Things Happen

To Good People...Like You!

You have life rolling along like a dream and then BAM! Disaster, Tragedy, Disappointment and Despair, out of the blue! What are we supposed to do about it? Why did it happen to such a good person like you? This eyeopening e-book will share how to cope and manage your life's deep drops back into stability and realign yourself so that you can ride the waves of life's tsunamis instead of drowning under them. Tomorrow the sun will rise and it rises for YOU!  This book is your guide to use whenever life becomes overwhelming, like it did just last week! 

June 2020 Our New E-Book

Mindfulness, Meditation and Motivation

Your Amazing Journey Within Starts Now

Stress and anxiety have become an epidemic in modern society. People need coping methods that support them and work better than conventional Western culture "solutions." What people are finding in mindfulness, meditation and motivation practices are benefits that can be acheived easily, simply and effectively within their own conscious awareness. A few minutes a day can develop your mindset and create a life that will bring you closer to the person that you have always wanted to become, and beyond. Jim Killon shares his own experiences and results with you in this book with the hope that your own personal growth will be as beautifully evident. Enjoy!

Julian Lennon's White Feather Foundation  supports Changes for New Hope

Since 2011

Julian Lennon, son of John and Cynthia Lennon, brought Changes for New Hope out of obscurity of the Andes and into international recognition when White Feather Foundation supported our project and published our stories and photos to his  hundreds of thousands of followers of his project.

The Neuromat is Making Progress in Yungay

A donation from Brain ABC's Pam Cavallo in Chicago provided this innovative learning tool to stimulate brain development in the chilldren at the school for special needs kids in Yungay. We have been supporting this group since its opening and will continue to do so. The skills learned from this simple mat is already making noticeable progress... We love solutions. 

Introducing Mindfulness, Meditation and Motivation

Changes for New Hope has consistently looked for new opportunities to serve our human family. For ten years we have become a well known and regarded humanitarian project for the disadvantaged children here in the Peruvian Andes. Now we are embarking on a much broader reach into the worldwide community. 

 It became apparent that the issues that the children and their families struggled with are the same issues that people are struggling with around the world in modernized and first world environs. Perhaps the material issues are vastly different but the intrinsic issues such as self esteem, fears, trauma, overcoming social anxieties, goal setting and personal development were almost identical. Therefore we have decided to create a new direction for our project which we hope to roll out in 2020, mindfulness, meditation and motivation. This will include weekly videos, written articles and social media content that will focus on becoming  your best and most successful selves. 


 In short, mindfulness is the skill of focusing on the present moment and the tasks at hand. Yesterday's drama is gone and tomorrow's anxiety filled concerns are not your challenge right now. We lose our days to what isn't here anymore and miss what is in front of us to manage, enjoy and work with to develop our most productive lives.                                                                                                                                               

Meditation is a tool used worldwide to become clear minded, centered and focused in our daily lives. The benefit is multi-faceted. Just ten minutes a day in meditation helps us to deal with and prepare us for the day's stresses and annoyances and develops a tolerance, positive attitude and helps us find the solutions we need to succeed  and accomplish our goals. It also re-boots our brains to raise our immune systems, lower stress hormones, lower blood pressure and enhances creativity. Medical science is now supporting the benefits of meditation. Motivation techniques will put this all together and take the skills accquired and launch you forward toward practical uses and applications so that your value to others in this world leaves an indelible footprint on this world for others to follow. 

What has worked so well in small groups here in Peru and with individuals globally who have asked us to share these methods with them, will now be formalized as a part of our overall plan to reach around the world in a loving embrace so that we can all realize our fullest potential. We have a definate course of action that we want to put into place and we believe that you will be quite grateful for being a participant in it. 


I am grateful to partner with Travel and Living in Peru Magazine to share strategies and solutions during this time of crisis and uncertainties. Living large, living deliberately!


Join us on this three-part mindfulness retreat, presented by Jim Killon, author and mindfulness coach. This first session will answer the question what is mindfulness, and how to use breathing techniques to allow our mind to be at peace.


Jim lives in Huaraz, where he founded a non-profit project for children, Changes for Hope. He writes books and coaches on techniques to manage anxiety in order to live a more fulfilling life. 


See the latest video at :  https://www.facebook.com/travelingandlivinginperu/videos/1231905277145891/

San Marcos Campaign December 2019

Through the kindness of our friend Aurora, over 1000 pairs of beautiful new shoes were donated and distributed to children who desperately needed them. Some children wear recycled tire pieces as shoes, others cut the toes out so they can still wear old shoes when their feet keep growing. One of our campaigns was in San Marcos district in the outback regions. As shown here, over 300 children received new shoes, vitamin A to enhance their health, clothing and school supplies.


10 years and over 6000 kids later disadvantaged children now live better lives because of Changes for New Hope and those whose compassion in action reached them.  I am grateful to everyone who continues to help make it possible and for the opportunity to serve these little ones. We can all be heroes else we just sit on this bright blue orb and free ride around the sun again and again and again.... year after year...



2017   Jim Killon is awarded the David Chow Humanitarian Award

The David Chow Humanitarian Award Foundation of California awarded Jim this prestigious award for his work over the years with the children in Peru. 









2019  Jim Killon is recognized by the Global Goodwill Ambassador organization for his humanitarianism 



















Julian Lennon's White Feather Foundation  

supports Changes for New Hope

Since 2011


Julian Lennon, son of John and Cynthia Lennon, brought Changes for New Hope out of obscurity of the Andes and into international recognition when White Feather Foundation supported our project and published our stories and photos to his  hundreds of thousands of followers of his project.

                                                  Books For Peace Special Award 2019 


I am honored to accept the Books for Peace Special Award 2019 for the work I have done to promote human rights and peace via my writings and through my project Changes for New Hope. I have been invited to expand my efforts internationally with this organization and I look forward to this exciting new opportunity.  ~~ Jim Killon

books for peace award.jpg

Like these photos? See so many more on our Gallery Page

Our gratitude to Vitamin Angels and Julian Lennon's White Feather Foundation for their incredible support for these many years. 

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Changes for New Hope is a registered non-profit NGO with the Peruvian government since 2010.

Our mailing address is

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We can be also be contact by phone at 051 995 292 695


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